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OMG!!! Firefly Reunion on Science Channel - We're Talking About Wild West Spaceships

Firefly fans have been watching and re-watching the perfect 14 episodes of the show for the last ten years wondering… “Will we ever see another episode?” Rumors have constantly circulated that there would be more episodes but as we all sat through countless ridiculous programs waiting and hoping for the return of the smart and thrilling show, our dreams were dashed. Yes, we had the temporary thrill of seeing Serenity, a film based on the pilot episode of Firefly in 2005, but the show died before it’s time. Like most great things- it died, but was not forgotten. At any Con, costume party or sci-fi celebration you are sure to run into a Captain Mal, Kaylee or Wash, some of television’s most memorable characters. You’ve never heard of them? Now is the time to acquaint yourself with the wonder that is Joss Whedon’s series Firefly. Any fan of Whedon’s other work, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Song will be sure bets to love this show. Its quick wit, complex subtext and diverse but relatable characters are endearing and become a part of the story of your own life once you meet them. Captain Mal (Nathan Fillion) has a flawed leadership that holds his ramshackle family together. Zoe is Mal’s war comrade and her husband Wash, who wears Hawaiian shirts and plays with dinosaurs, is the best pilot in the verse. Add Kaylee, a cute and mechanically inclined girl with simple taste and Jayne, the muscle of the ship who names his weapons and you start to see the sweet complexity of the show. Now let me explain the setting, imagine the wild west of America, in outer space with our superhero being Captain Mal, a well-meaning Browncoat (rebel), who smuggles from the government for the good of the people. Of course there is plenty of sexy, this is one of the first shows to feature the voluptuous Christina Hendricks, now known as Joanie from Mad Men and plenty of adventures, they wern't called "Big Damn Heroes" for nothing!

Perhaps you can see how people that loved the show could see the value in rallying behind it. On November 10, 2012, the Science Channel is going to gift us with one precious hour of a Firefly reunion. In the show all of the primary stars reunite and discuss their thoughts about what gave the show such lasting power for its fans, how the show has changed their lives and more. Any show that takes the time to create its own universe, language, culture and history has room to be discussed and digested for years. This is just one tastier morsel for salivating Joss Whedon fans.

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