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After Twilight Comic Book Series Ends In Delectable Chaos! Book 6 Available Now -NOT About Vampires

“For me After Twilight has been a labor of love, a story that has been a
part of my life for more than a decade – a story that is neither anti-Christian nor anti-faith
but is an exploration of the folly of extremism and violence.
Seeing that story finally manifest itself in physical form has been tremendously fulfilling.”

from the Final Word at the end of Issue 6 by author Gary Watson.

AT6 Cover

It was no mystery that the storyline would appeal to me; a rebel librarian named Jennifer living in Houston, fights against the religious authoritarian government in an attempt to reinstate freedom to society. Although there were a few bumps along the way, the overall story arch of the 6 issues of the comic book series After Twilight successfully portrayed a terrifying dystopian future in which religion has become so infused with law that most individual’s civil liberties are stripped. This is a society in which all areas from sexual activity to literature are monitored and anyone who goes outside of the prescribed lines is swept away to a re-education camp called “Camp Purity”.

Throughout the books we join Jen as she struggles to escape from the bereft and militant Sgt. Streetman and the police. She finds a group of renegades headed by the leader Jesse and with them she attempts to save the life of her sister Zoe and to get word out to society about the evil violence that is at the center of the authorities and the torture that occurs at Camp Purity.


The use of Houston as a setting was highlighted beautifully in the first couple of books. Landmarks could be distinguished, there was a character wearing what looks like a
James Avery bracelet, (a company based in Texas), and the language and dress of the characters had a Texas twang. There is stark stiff quality to the drawings that lends itself well to the story which although set in current day has echoes of our past and gives us a pause to reflect on the current political climate. The drawings therefore become almost timeless. Please follow the tag above for After Twilight to read more specific thoughts on each individual issue.

The series ends on a high note with issue 6 which doesn’t waste a frame. Page one begins with a brutal beating and before the final frame there is computer hacking, a jail break and the beginning of liberation from The Ministry of the Word. There is a fabulous final line to the book that I won’t share for fear of spoiling the thrill of reading it on your own.

This is a thoughtful, engaging series for older teens and adult readers. It attempts to open dialog and thoughts about pedagogy and politics and how the dogma of religion can squeak into policy and take over if it goes unchecked. It is a satisfying read that utilizes images to share in the storytelling in the manner of great comics. The books are available at Bedrock City Comics, 8th Dimension Comics and can be ordered directly from the After Twilight website.

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