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Hip Mama Jenn

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October 27th, 2011

Book Trailers are now a must in YA lit. -John Corey Whaley, Jonathan Auxier, Lauren Myracle, Libba B @ 03:29 pm

Book trailers are becoming an essential element in promoting and selling YA books. Just a year ago many book trailers were created by librarians and other book fans hoping to promote a beloved title and very few titles had "Official" trailers that had been produced by the author or publisher. Now the reverse is true. By including authors and publishers in the creation of the book trailers you are certain to retain the authors tone and message of the book, but you may lose the intensity and passion that readers incorporate into their impression of the book.

Breakout first time author John Corey Whaley was an integral part of the book trailer for his incredible book Where Things Come Back. He wanted the trailer to maintain the creepy and mysterious stillness that he created in the book.


Another author that was greatly involved in the creation of his book trailer is Jonathan Auxier. His book Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes has bragging rights as being one of the best YA books of the year and the trailer is among one of the best as well.


Michael Scotto
wrote and is the main marketer for the book Latasha and the Little Red Tornado. He created his own book trailer to help advertise the book.


An example of a book trailer which is fan made is based on the controversial, stunning and much talked about book Shine by Lauren Myracle


And finally, author Libba Bray stars in the trailer for her smart and hilarious book Beauty Queens. Which is also at the top of my list for best YA books this year.


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Hip Mama Jenn

Books, Films, Life, Fun