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Hip Mama Jenn

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June 9th, 2011

Houston Street Art in Austin, Toy Joy & Beirut @ 03:02 pm

Houston Street Art spotted in Austin!

I saw some Briks pieces at the Off the Wall show in May. I'm not sure if the artist is from Houston or Austin but it was fun to spot this just the same.

I saw this fabulous full size Failure on a utility box when driving down the street. I did a "Holy Shit! There's a Failure!" screech to the side of the road. We also found one Give Up sticker, not bad for two days! Don't know the artist of this piece but loved it.

Austin is home to one of the most fun and eclectic toy stores that I have ever seen, Toy Joy.

They carry old nostalgic toys like marbles and blocks, to the latest trend toys like Ugly Dolls and Zombie toys. My favorite things at the store are the strange action figures, the Shshing librarian, with real Shshing action and a Shakespeare action figure that comes with a quill pen.

Add in numerous hipster joke gifts like a bacon wallet, fake mustaches and underpants for squirrels. If that's not enough to interest you, how about the huge selection of Hello Kitty, Star Wars and other geek delights. The store also offers free Gift wrapping!

I was blown away by the mastery of music and the quality of sound seeing Beirut at the beautiful Moody Theater (new home to Austin City Limits). The theater has an organic open design, the stairwells are outside which lend themselves to beautiful views of the city from every angle.

There were only three rows behind where we were sitting, but every seat has a decent view of the band in this well designed theater. The lighting and sound were also perfect.

As a huge fan of music who has never played an instrument, I was awestruck by the quality and quantity that the band members played. At one point the founder of the band, Zach Condon played trumpet while he had the ukulele slung over his shoulder. Zach is an engrossing performer. His voice is swoony and pitch perfect. He taps his chest in beat to the music and has a visible joy while performing. With an accordion, tuba, multiple keyboards, drums, etc. Beirut has mastered the strange fusion of old world music with modern rhythm. If you haven't heard Beirut before give the songs After the curtain, Postcards from Italy, Nantes, and In the Mausoleum a listen.

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Hip Mama Jenn

Books, Films, Life, Fun